Confusion, Death and Acceptance

Date: 8/15/2017

By Norswil

There's five of us, soldiers. Italian? Maybe French. We've missed our pick up point or just lost our battalion in the field. We've been fighting, running and hiding for days behind enemy lines. We gather into a close huddle to decide what we should do. Muddy, blood stained arms interlocked, faces smeared with the same red, greasy muck. "We ambush them." We all look up at the lieutenant. A tough woman, an extremely beautiful woman, stern, she commanded a lot of respect. "We set the last of our c4 on the bridge, blow it and come out firing." "Then we die." I say. "They out number us." Brushing a strand of blonde hair away from her face. "We die running like cowards, or we die taking a few more of those Nazi scum with us. Which is it?" We all nod, it was our fate, we all knew it, as hard as it was to accept. A small amount of C4 was strapped to the small wooden bridge that crossed over the small river. We all hide in the surrounding bushes, behind trees. The tap of boots marching in unison could be heard approaching, the hollow tap as they cross the bridge was the signal. Bang!!! 8 or so Nazis vaporised instantly, we rush out, throw our selves on the ground and shoot into the smoke and chaos. Bullets and death flying this way and that. I roll back into cover to reload. There's just a handful of them left and only the lieutenant and myself remain. I could see her crouched behind a tree to my right, a few hand movements trigger our last push. With one last effort and the last of our ammunition, we finish the last of them off. Exhausted and weary we hobble around behind a near, ruined barn and collapse. Unimaginable relief and splendour came over us. "We're still alive." Nervous laughter, all we could afford. "I accepted my death...I can't believe it..." Then, it all happened so fast. A sharp voice broke the air, a german voice. "Fuck!" I lift my head from the grass. Foot steps approach, fast. I turn to look at the lieutenant, her beautiful, blood smeared face the last thing Id see. Her blue eyes were wide, her face both perfectly serene and shocked. She didn't move, didn't even flinch as she looked up at the gunman. My expression must have been pure terror. I only heard a click and a short, sharp bang, before total darkness.