Cuba dog

Date: 3/9/2019

By justinhamm4444

Me and Noah were somewhere like a garage or something and then this person was mad at us and went to get their shotgun and as soon as Reanna and Rachel saw the person get the shotgun they got their own shotgun and loaded it. The other person just walked away and I told Noah that it was funny that they loaded the gun. Then me and Noah were driving and Noah wanted to shoot a snow owl and I was telling him not to and then we were driving and we arrived in Cuba and there were around 10 snow owls and I told Noah not to shoot them and then I got distracted. I didn’t have a wrist band like you’re supposed to so I was hoping the guard didn’t notice and I was wearing shorts and a blue long sleeved shirt or hoodie. and then I came across about 3-4 dogs and I was scratching one of the dogs ears and then it’s side and then the belly. It was fluffy.