The doctor

Date: 8/1/2017

By KilgoreTrout

All I can remember from the dream is me with the tenth doctor from Doctor Who. He was on this tall rock in the middle of a hole, and I was on the edge of the hole looking at him. (I watched a ton of Doctor Who) I somehow got a rope or vine and swung around. I swung so many times trying to get The Doctor to safety as well. Then my dream flashed to me and my mom driving back to our house to get things for some contest type thing. We would have to survive basically. I knew that we were far from my house, but the drive was only minutes. When I went into my house, Blaine Wakefield was in there talking to me and helping me find things and packing them up for me. He walked me out to the car again to my mom. We started driving back to the place the contest would be held. That's all I remember.