where are you?

Date: 1/23/2017

By vicious_cupcake

(for those who don't understand ¿?¿ is what I assumed to be what that were calling me, other then that its words I couldn't understand)It was cold, freezing even a black abyss surrounded me. I heard someone talking yet it sounded so far away, like little whispers. I tried to run to the voice but no matter which way I went the voice kept getting softer snd softer. Soon giving up I sat down on the ground, but it seems the voice got louder"¿?¿ where are you? ¿?¿ this is gonna end horrible for you~" They sounded so familiar yet I couldn't tell who it was, "there you are, why do you run from me?" A cold hand landed on my shoulder and I saw the abyss come to color. I was in a dark torture room, behind some boxs, the man...or should I say thing was staring at me. A human made entirely of shadows, with only two floating dots which seemed to be his eyes. "Answer me, why do you run?" he raised his hand to hit me, but someone caught his wrist...the man from yesterday nights dream; the man who wanted me to remember him. I didn't care that I still didn't remember the man who saved me, I jumped to my feet and ran to his side. He wraped his warm arm around my waist pulling me closer, glaring at the shadow being. "She is the key, she is my ¿?¿?¿, hurt her and I'll KILL you." although he seemed angry that the shadow being would ever try to harm me, his face was clam as if this has happen before and he was tired of it. The shadow being just laughed, it sounded like nails on a chalkboard, I covered my ears. "¿?¿ is mine, no one else's, I don't care if your her ¿?¿?¿. SHE WILL BE MINE!" the shadow being lunged at him, attempting to kill him I thought. I still didn't remember him but I was scared that he would die "NO!" I had yelled at the top of my lungs without realizing. Both men were sent flying into the wall across the room, they looked stunned that I just did that. My savour was the first to recover and rush to my side. "Your power ¿?¿ your memory is returning" he looked so happy...I didn't remember anything, I felt so weak from the sudden release of power. My eyes became heavy, and my body was weak, I felt my body start falling. Waiting for my body to hit the ground, but it never came I was caught before I had hit the ground. "¿?¿, ¿?¿!!" everything fated to black, I woke up back in my bed everything felt so real, yet It was all a dream....right?