Ocean incident

Date: 3/18/2017

By weirddreams

We were at a friends house and we were jumping in the ocean that had a little sand beach area but manly just water that we were jumping in from the doc... the water was so blue and pretty then I said if u ever go to an actual beach then u should go surfing or bogie boarding it so much fun and they said ya sound cool then we went to the house and we went to bed. The next day we were swimming in the ocean at an actual beach and some guy wearing a red shirt comes and shows my dad something... he says that is so sad and then he tried to leave. I kept yelling at them and told them we had to do something Then they got mad and went around the corner to hide from me to make me think I was left alone to be scared. Then I didn't know who to call so I had someone call 911 and then ask them to come t me with some one who can help. I was in so much stress then I was telling them what to say and then I couldn't talk I couldn't say anything... so when they finally said something I was putting water up on the turtle ( the tides were going on the turtle but wasn't any more) then pepole came and helped put the turtle back into the ocean... I rennet we went back to the house and we were swimming and their was something floating in the water but the tides brought it back to a little girl. We're the turtle and the toy was found their was a little divet in the sand like a little hidden place... and the turtle was just sitting in it That's all that happened but it's exactly how the dream went.