Date: 6/30/2017

By teerific

Had a dream Zach and his dad slept over at my house, except his dad got a hotel room somewhere. We woke up the next morning and I was going to say bye to Zach. I opened the door and he was as big as my thumb. "Zach?" He ran towards the balcony and jumped from it I ran towards it. "Oh my god, Zach?!" He landed on the ground at normal size. We talked towards his dad's car, he got out to greet me. "Tee right? Nice to meet you." He gave me a hug and kept his arm around my shoulder and I kept an arm across his back, and we walked through a fence like that. He told me he was Catholic. Then as we were walking he asked, "Did I say I was Atheist or Catholic?" "Catholic, that's what you said." "Oh I see." "Sounds like you're undecided." "Yeah." "So you're agnostic?" "Yeah." We arrived a warehouse type place and Zach's dad left. Zach and I entered where they were screening a movie with pizza and snacks. We sat down and tried to merge with the people. There was a girl, slightly grown out shaved blonde hair with very pale blue eyes, she included me in her story right away. After a while of sitting I realized I'd left my phone and told Zach I'd be back. I went out the door and there was a girl coming towards it with a box of pizza and other foods. She had long dark hair and Indian features. I asked her if she needed help, she said yes. I helped her bring the food in. She was awfully clumsy. I went back home except my house was a big expensive modern house this time. I had a mother, a sister, and Lulu. I greeted Lulu with a hug and asked her where my phone was. I went to my room, and my "sister" was there. I asked her where "mom" was, she said she was out. "You know, I can take care of my own daughter." She said, addressing Lulu. There were photographs of her and I on the wall, we were both on the chubbier side. She stayed that way. I returned to Zach and the place was a crime scene. I asked what had happened, but nobody told me. I went back to the screening room and saw the blonde girl, the dark haired girl, and Zach on the floor eating pizza. I went towards them, but another girl stopped me and showed me a little stuffed bunny. It symbolized that another child had went missing. Then I woke up