Colorful college campus

Date: 5/25/2020

By Purple

In my dream, I was on a college campus I could not recognize. It was a beautiful, warm day outside, not hot. I was talking with some students and noticed a hole on the top of a small wall, approximately 4”x5”. Inside the hole, I saw 4 dangling legs. It was an animal that fell upside down into the hole. I carefully got it out of the hole, and exclaimed that was the biggest ladybug I’ve ever seen. Someone said it wasn’t a ladybug, but a …? I can’t recall the species, because I had never heard of it before. I was a little embarrassed but then recovered simply because I’m not from the area and had never seen or heard of that before. The exterior shell was an orangish red. I hoped it would be okay. Also, in that same area we were hanging out, there were many colorful stones and crystals decorating the tables. I was messing around with one of them, (the colors were blue, with green throughout) and it made a noise as it fell out and rolled away, several yards. Again, I was embarrassed, as I was chasing after it and several people watched. It broke in one place and I didn’t know what to do with that small piece as I put the roundish stone back where I found it. Scene changed. Several students were around a grassy, fenced area outside, maybe even near those first two incidents. We were all hanging out and talking, most of the students were sitting on a wall and their feet were dangling inside the fenced area. Myself, and another student, were actually sitting inside, on the grass. Eventually one student went inside the fenced in area, then another followed, until all of us, maybe 8-10 in total, were inside, with our legs all in the same position, to make room for all. Everyone was wearing blue jeans. It was like a human chain or human ladder. It was an optical illusion to me, because when we made the human chain/ladder, it seemed like we were in a ditch, and not a fenced-in area. It was nice to have this sense of community, but I looked at the time and it was 12 minutes after (hour unknown). I said it was great, but I had to get going. Upon waking, it was 7:12. Waking notes Similar to real life, when people seem to be bonding is when I always had to go, usually for work or school or errands.