Knight School

Date: 9/1/2019

By Fitful

There was a school held mostly outside in the forest surrounding the castle it was in. Kinda old fashioned. A lot happened. So many storylines involving different people. A lot of kids dying. I was fighting against the religion which everyone adhered to, it was the knight's religion and I felt it was wrong. I'm pretty sure everyone was training to become a knight, but being a knight was far more detailed than anything you've ever heard. It involved much more than mideval tricks on a horse. I dated a girl, broke up with her, dated again. We ended up hating each other, but the love was still there underneath. I saw a photo, a vagina pic, on my phone one day that had been posted online. It was hers I was convinced, someone reviewed it rather nicely, and it was a really pretty photo (despite the crassness of what it was). Something about a moon and a smile said the review and I realized it was right. But when I looked it up its title was under my name not hers. I got some books, year and years later long after the author died. The author wrote a famous trilogy and her daughter attended the school. She suffered an abusive relationship just to keep her daughter fed and clothed or something to that effect, but the daughter had been abused, and their relationship was strained throughout the dream. In the end scene the mother died. There was something repeated, about eternia, which was a place their religion believed they'd go after death. I didn't like it one bit, the land of eternia was a lie I knew it and I fought to save people from the belief in their cultlike religion.