Burning sex 🔥, Helicopter Crash 🚁 and my friends Lube.

Date: 7/8/2017

By TheWierdDreamer

Another old dream. So I accidentally saw my best friend was with the girl he fancied and they were making out on this massive mushroom. I felt a bit left out but this girl at my school tells me we have to go to her place for some really rough sex. She lived in a huge flat and we had to use the elevator. When we got in though, she was completely naked and I remember thinking "Dam she looks too tight, maybe I should leave" but she pulled me to her and just let me fuck her. Unfortunately I fucked her so hard that when I pulled out I had severe burning on my penis. Then a helicopter crashed in the room and I jumped on. The next thing I remember is I'm speaking to another friend and he tells me that his grandma owns a lube shop in town. I tell him were going there now(to help with the burning of my penis). So we get to town but everyones screaming a running and then we finally buy some lube and then he winks at me. I woke up then.