Pool Go Pro

Date: 6/5/2017

By Marvin10

Starts off I am with one other person. They want to commit a crime on a business. Robbery I guess I don't really want to do it but I convince them that I know a house where they can probably get guns. It's night time but really moon lit. We are walking to the house and now there is a third male with us. We come to a crossroad and go straight ahead. I remember saying "I'm not sure how far down the road the house is". It's on the left hand side and there are a number of houses but I am looking for a specific one (it's an old friend or something). The third person who joins us says that they know which one it is. We go in and there are kids playing in the front yard and adults inside. We just wander through, casing the joint and nobody seems to mind. At this point I become third person and the dream changes. Still at the house but now the focus is on the kids. There are 3 girls inside and 2 of them (about 8 & 10) are on the phone. They are trying to trick the people on the other end that they are adults. They are kind of role playing. Next scene I am in an indoor pool with a group of random. We are on holidays I think. We are all splashing around and I go to the side of the pool and grab this big electronic floatations device. It's kind of like a go pro. I take it out to the middle of the pool and after some time I get called over to the side of the pool by a couple of guys. They check my pool go pro and say I have the wrong one. It was for a person staying in another room. He removes a kind of cartridge and asks which room I am in. "I'm in room 2... wait no, I'm in room 4, my dad is in room 2". He replaces the cartridge with one for my room.