murdering people with my brother

Date: 4/11/2019

By eroticdreams

me and my brother were in a foster home and we were killing people and trying to dispose of the bodies while everyone else was asleep. we had one of the bodies on a slide that was coming out of the side of the house. i believe we were trying to erode it. then someone flushed the toilet inside the house and the body got sucked up to the top of the slide and fell back down and we heard someone say “the toilet’s not working”. later we were inside trying to figure out ways to make the body easier to dispose of. we got a wooden rolling pin to flatten the body out like bread dough. we were arguing over who was going to do it and as i was handing the pin to my brother, someone walked out of the hallway and saw us and we froze. then the dream was from their perspective and she started going around the house trying to figure out what we were up to. i think she already suspected we were killing people. then, she heard someone crying in the bathroom and she found me there helping a girl give birth. when the baby came out it looked like an aborted fetus but it was still alive. i think the girl that gave birth was helping us distract her from finding the body, so she forced herself to give birth prematurely.