Sex with my Neighbour

Date: 6/23/2017

By luciddreaming101

I remember this dream from a few years back... I was in a place that looked like an urbanization, and there were two stores high buildings with four apartments in each. I was in my apartment on my way to my room. As I opened the door there was a small hallway that led to a tiny but beautiful bathroom like rococo😂 I started into the mirror and quickly washed my face, and as I looked turned toward the end of the hallway where there should have been a wall, there was a huge bedroom with a enormous sofa, instead of a bed. I looked at myself in a mirror and I was wearing a silky t shirt that was thigh length. I put myself down onto the sofa as I hear someone coming in. This guy had a cheesy smirk on his face as he strolled toward me and put his hand on my neck, as he started to kiss my lips slowly. I was hesitant to move my lips so I stayed like a statue, not knowing what to do, before suddenly his other hand lands on my side and he aggressively pushed me toward his chest, entering his tongue in my mouth, a moan escaping me. Before I knew it we were having a passionate make out session and then he grabbed my legs and started fingering me before putting his dick inside of me. I was a moaning mess and the next moment I realized someone was watching, my Neighbour. Wait... if my Neighbour was watching then who was I having sex with? His brother grabbed me on top of him into a sitting position, as the Neighbour whispered something in his brothers ear. Next thing I know is that my neighbor was behind me, with an open shirt dangling on his shoulders his dick ready to penetrate me from behind, while his brother was at the front already f~**ing me. I was naked, a moaning mess. I was feeling so, so good, but that's not the end. The scene changed and I was out at a shopping mall on a stage, while the two kept f~**ing me, and everyone staring, taking videos and photos. I closed my eyes because i didn't want anyone to be looking but stares didn't go away. Then three of us came at the same time and all the some people from the audience started wanking off. End 😂