Boyfriend Nearly Dies On Trip

Date: 6/16/2017

By DreamCarousel

My parents told me we were going on a business trip to film a Rockstar show in a weird vacation spot. All their friends came and they brought their kids. I brought my boyfriend with me and we sat together on the plane trip. He was making sure I was fine the whole way. Soon we land, and I thought we were getting a room together with my family. But that isn't what happened. I was housed with the daughters of their friends. Immediately, I felt upset that I wouldn't be staying with my boyfriend. I was about to knock on the room door when I half collapsed and I realized there was blood on my pants. (I guess I had my period)The girls inside grabbed me and put me in the shower. I freshened up, went outside and tried to look for my boyfriend. I ended up at the beach and I went swimming. I was wearing a two piece and everyone at the beach was looking at me weird. My family showed up with my boyfriend and my brother's friends and they told me it was time to go. I walked with them and put the stuff in the plane. I walked back out and started wandering one last time around the strange place and I see my boyfriend collapse. I drop to my knees at his side and he keeps saying he's fine. I pick him up with my 'dream strength' and call a doctor who's on his way to the island. For some reason I think it was his stomach that was sick. I laid him down and waited for the doctor and it was a while. He stopped breathing and I did CPR on him. He started breathing again. But I poked around his stomach to figure out where it was that was causing him pain. I got stressed out that the doctor wasn't there so my body woke up.