Not going back to jail

Date: 6/25/2019

By TimmyJay

I was with Matt Reeves, we robbed Casey's house and I stole his skate board. The dream switched up, it was a few days later and I ended up stealing Matt's mom's car, it was in neutral so I pushed it out of her yard but she seen me I asked her if she called the cops and she said no. I was crying cause I was embarrassed, I used to be really close with her. Anyways, I just kept going. I was driving it down some big high way and wrecked it into this underground driveway thing and got out, I was running from the scene and went into my aunt's house, I can't remember which one just that she was my aunt and she knew I was up to somthing. She was bitching at me. I ran to Casey's house, for some reason I ended up telling him I stole his skateboard with Matt and he was pissed but he felt bad cause I told him I stole janas car and wrecked it, I said I knew I was going back to jail because she seen me. I heard Jane talking about the cops or somthing so I got scared and ran out the back door. Holly and Emily jump out and are trying to catch me but I run and jump over his neighbors fence. Im still running and I end up seeing this black kid. It's Amy Patterson's son and he starts chasing me too. I start going down the avenues and I'm running really fast now, he's behind me, I'm worried about him catching me so I trip him and he's like sliding down the road getting his skin all fucked up like a cheese grader. I try to help him but I can't because the cops are coming now. I'm sliding down the avenues too but I'm sliding onmy feet like a slip n slid. the cops are right behind me but they can't get me, im sliding really fast. These cop buses pull out from the side of the road and try to block me in but I get around them. I make it the whole way down to market Street and a bus blocks me in and has these boxes with chains on them that keep coming down but I just grabbed them and pulled myself up. I can hear these girls inside the bus talking, they're the ones controlling the boxes. They're saying they've never seen sombody make it this far, and she tells the new girl to just keep sending more boxes until I get tired and can't climb anymore. Anyways I get away somehow. I wake up in Rusty's apartment and think everything was a dream but I look out the window at market Street and see some kids watching me on TV so I know it actually happened. I walk up Casey's house, when I see him I say "I can't believe I'm not in jail dude, I got a thousand likes on Instagram." I don't even have an Instagram.