Old lady baby burglar

Date: 4/3/2019

By CupofTae

I was in my room with my dog watching YouTube. My dog, Puddle, starts barking. I ignore him and carry on watching YouTube. Then he starts digging a hole in the wall, but it was too small for him to get through. I stared at him, then I heard a noise outside. It sounded like somebody was climbing over the gates in my backyard. P.S. I have a huge backyard and the metal gates separate them. So, I ran to my Mom and said that I think somebody's trying to break in. She says, "Oh, I know." and waits by the back doors gate. The doors were open but the gate was locked so she couldn't get through when she did come. She ran around to the back door where it was unlocked for some reason and she came inside. She had a walking crane and was a short fat old Lady, but when I looked again, she turned into a baby. She looked like my 1 year old sister. She attacked us with her walking crane, and as she was about to hit me, I woke up