chemical burn

Date: 2/4/2017

By emmalovescatbug

My dad sold the auto teacher from my school a rusty old van. The shop was 2x bigger than it actually is and the teacher drives it around the parking lot to test it. He comes back and parks it on a lift. Someone asks "what are you going to do with that old thing?" The teacher said "I'm gonna test this new thing out that you dip the whole car in it and removes all the rust". The floor opens up underneath the van and it slowly goes into the chemical mixture. When he lifted the van back up from the chemicals it completely melted and dripping into the chemical mixture. As the big chunks of melting van falling back into the chemicals, it splashes and burns everyone near it. The chemicals started spilling over onto the floor and burning and melting people's feet. Everyone was getting hurt from the chemicals but not a single drop touched me.