Shooting up the building

Date: 2/3/2017

By popcorngoo

I had a dream that I was at work. I work at an event center where we have basketball games, concerts, etc. And I was at the customer help desk. I notice an employee who used to work there a long time ago named Crystal coming up through the building with a gun. I immediately hop out of my seat and try to stop her. She shoots at two ticket takers and as I approach saying Crystal NO! She shoots at me too. I get winded and I'm dizzy. But I'm fine. The gun she has isn't real. It's more like an air soft gun. I call for the police on staff through my radio telling them to get here NOW! And call for back up because we have an emergency. Crystal is raving on and on. She's more sad than angry. She's saying something about her father. I eventually get the gun from her. And take it, locking it up at my desk. Crystal goes and finds a bat and when I take that away too she comes back with like huge log things to try and swing at ppl. Lol. I end up taking those too because at this point she's more defeated than trying to do actual damage. She seems broken inside. As I'm waiting for the police (which really idk why it took so long) Crystal is rambling about her upbringing. I always knew she was a little bit like trailer trash with the way she spoke and looked. But she was always nice to me so this change puzzled me. I tried to Dr. Phil this and see what happened. She said something about giving birth when she was 12 and that it was all thanks to the Father and I always thought she meant the Lord when she said that, like a miracle from God. But this time the way she said it sounded like her dad had sex with her. I was horrified! And when she gave birth she named her baby Daddy, because she loved him but the baby died. Now in this part the dream takes a shift. It becomes me trying to find Crystal's parents to see if I could help her. Idk how, but I started remembering all these clues about where she grew up, the smells of the ocean, the path to a lighthouse, the name of a boat. In my dream Crystal grew up on the ocean. Her dad worked at some sort of huuuge factory boat, and they lived on an island not too far from the mainland. It was very isolating and Crystal didn't grow up with any friend's other than her family. Her dad was abusive and her mom wasn't that great either. But all of a sudden I found them. I found her parents and re-united them. I guess they had finally gotten a divorce after all those years and when they saw each other I could see the love in their eyes. When they saw me they called out to me like I was their daughter. And I was confused because I wasn't Crystal. And then it was like I time travelled back to my work station and instead of Crystal being taken away in hand cuffs it was me. This whole set up with the gun and shooting the place up was me. There was no Crystal. She was just someone I had made up in my head. Apparently in this dream I broke out of a mental institution and got an airsoft gun, and tried to shoot up this building. I'm not sure if those abusive parents were actually mine and had me commuted when I was young or if they were all a fantasy I invented by my self. Still, it was a trippy dream.