Digital art, Jordan Peterson, a renowned psychologist, finds himself in a tense situation as an unexpected group of individuals threatens to unleash chaos in a convenience store, leading to an intense encounter and a brave attempt to protect others from harm.

Terrorist in convenient store

Date: 2/17/2019

By momoney6628

In this dream I was in a convenient store with psychologist Jordan Peterson and a group of ISIS militants showed up and threaten to blow the place up. Jordan Peterson was crying because he wouldn’t see his son anymore and I told him we have to stop the terrorist so his son can “become all that he can be”. I pulled out a pistol after that and fire a clip at the terrorist. I didn’t hit any of them but it was enough to scare them away. When I was at my house later that night i looked out our window and saw ISIS driving towards my house in a white pickup with a 50. cal in the back and at least 5 soldiers coming to kill me. I woke up drenched in sweat after that