Date: 8/6/2017

By sleepycallie

The first dream was me walking to spanish class (taking the route from my house for some reason?) on our way there we got a call from celia saying that the pizza was burnt so we walked to the liquor store. Jenny had to walk ahead for some reason and I guess she had told us that she needed to do something and to get the pizzas. Heydi and I didnt hear so she just ordered them but didnt pick them up. We realized we messed up so we called Celia but I ended up getting separated from Jenny and Heydi. I ended up in the beginning of my street and there were a lot of kids and parents, there were a lot of vending machines. I decided to go to the vending machines with pizzas and it was my first time using it so i was confused and some guy helped me. My second dream took place where Kimberley invited me over to her house and at first we were inside sitting on floaties because she said she didnt want to go out into the water and that it was better this way but then a snake came and it started attacking me so we ran away and went into the pool, when I got into the pool it turned a dark green/blue and i was floating until i closed my eyes and got transferred to an arena. Elvis was there and he was telling me we needed to survive the game. We were in the back of the line and a video of me laughing started playing? Everyone turned towards me. Then Edgar messaged me and was like "we going?" And I was like... what, and he was like, "yeah we're going" he was talking about KCON and I said thank you and he was like is KyunDo going and I was like?? Who?? But I said yes and he got excited.