Conversation with BTS members

Date: 7/31/2019

By homiealonie

The dream started with me and my classmates playing soccer against another school. I somehow managed to shoot the ball into our own goal, but it want a big deal. Later, one of my friends and I went to an obstacle course where we exercised for a while before I saw Jin in front of me in the course. He was struggling with climbing a rope. After that we sat down and Namjoon and Jungkook joined us. We had a nice conversation, but in the beginning they were all trolling me by speaking Korean in a deep voice. When they finally started speaking English all I remember is that Jungkook said he had a lot of L-s in his IP in his knee (I don’t even think there is a thing called IP in knees, and especially not with many Ls??) He even showed me a document with a picture of an x-ray of his knee. After a while Namjoon asked if it was okay that they left, and I said yes. They left and I went to my friends and told them about what happened, but I forgot to ask for a picture, so they didn’t believe me.