Super heroes

Date: 6/19/2017

By Juckles

I was walking around my house and I'm like why is it empty and daytime and I'm in clothes i was in bed then i reality checked then i started talking to my subconscious i got scared because it spoke back to me it did i never done that before but then a text box appeared where i could type a response but i couldn't enter my response so i gave up then i tried to fly it worked but it was skippy so i imagined it being smooth and it was suddenly i was at this place there was super heroes i was showing it was a dream and there like yeah thats how were super heroes it was awesome they left then some giant semi was coming at 237 miles per hour but times slowed like the matrix and i dodge it it was huge so i went under zig zag the wheels and look at the speedometer also i figured how how to do the get over here thing and throw that rope spear out of my hand like scorpion and learned how to turn my hand into flamethrower then once the giant semi crashed the dude got out and then a plane crashed but fuel gushing out a few people came out and my friend ill call them Jessica so I don't say her real name so my friend Jessica was there talking about the moment i was experimenting with my flame powers AWAY from the gushing fuel and Jessica came and warned me the fuel was gushing also we where in a snowy place then i woke up