Chainsaw brother

Date: 3/22/2017

By Kaistia

Here I am in a house I've never seen before. But it feels like home. My mother,mother-in-law and father-in-law are sitting around the kitchen table deciding what they should eat. There are two babies crawling around on the floor around them. I have no idea whose they are. My father is sitting in the living room playing with a handgun. I walk towards him as the gun goes off and breaks the window. "Dad!! What are you doing?! That isn't a toy,put it away before you kill someone!!" As I was yelling at him my father's father walks in (he passed away many years ago) he is completely dressed in black and starts chatting with my dad. They are laughing and smiling. He walks out where my mother and the others are and starts talking to them. I can't make out what they are saying. He starts walking towards the door and says "see you soon". Right after he leaves my dad comes up to me and says "We need to find Justin." (Justin is my brother). We head upstairs and as we are reaching the top I keep hearing this noise that's getting louder. We turn the corner into a green bedroom. There is a futon/bunk bed but it's missing the bottom to it. My brother is laying on the floor there with a blanket over him and by the loud noise I know he has a chainsaw. There is also a little brown puppy sleeping next to him. My dad is slowly walking towards him saying he needs to remove the blanket. I'm starting to panic. "Dad don't let's get outta here.." He pulls the blanket off and my brother looks at us with this crazed look. "RUN!!!" I yelled and we took off down the steps. We make it into the living room "Dad your handgun!! Shoot him in the leg or something!!" I'm begging him. My brother is getting closer to my father. My dad is crying "I can't he is my son!" My brother raises the chainsaw with a smile and my dad blocks with his hand..... And that's how it ends....I woke up 😰😭