Date: 5/22/2017

By naya

I was friends with a bug and he lived behind a strap of my shoe. next thing you know, there's a bug infestation in my shoe (not sure what the type of bug it is but it was like a fat round black spider with little legs, around the size of my pinky toe). I sprayed the inside of my shoe twice with bug spray which didnt help. I was not pleased with the bug infestation but I left it alone as I didn't know how to deal with it. I yelled "be careful" as my mom picked up the shoe to clean it. "I think there's a bug in it", I said pretending not to know about the bug infestation. she gently shakes the shoe and two bugs come out. "omg two bugs!" I said in a worried tone pretending not to know except I was actually worried. she shakes it again and many bugs fall to the floor in clusters they fill out a large surface area of the floor.