Pharmaceutical Flashmob 💉

Date: 6/24/2017

By brookethegreat

I met this guy. He was awkward, he was a veterinarian, he was fresh out of schooling. He was foreign but idk where he was from. I gave him a ride home. While we were talking I told him I was ill and I complained a little about how insurance and bureaucracy made things so difficult. He was shocked when I explained what's going on with America's healthcare system right now, which was weird, because he was a doctor... Later I was walking out of class and I saw my name on the wall in painters tape. Music started playing. I followed the painters tape words - they made a sentence eventually. They led me to a table where the guy and a bunch of my friends were waiting. They gave me a syringe and told me it was the cure for my illness and the guy had used his connections to get it for free. Also at some point I went grocery shopping with my parents.