NPH proposed

Date: 1/23/2017

By SweetPeaMigee

So, I dreamt that my boyfriend proposed to me, but he didn't look like my boyfriend. He looked like Neil Patrick Harris, specifically his character Barney from HIMYM. I'm not even particularly attracted to this actor and definitely not that character because he is a shallow womanizer, but my brain thought he was my boyfriend. He set up this proposal using a parade car. He took away my glasses until the last moment so I could actually see the "will you marry me?" on the car. (I don't even wear glasses.) I was so overcome with emotion after the proposal, crying happy tears, which is unlike me in a situation like that. I say yes and hug him. But then I see the ring, and it is so ugly! Nothing like the rings we had looked at before. It had a huge band and a tiny chip stone which wasn't even a diamond. It was a black stone. Weird. I felt disappointment in my dream.