lucid dream? sleep paralysis?

Date: 1/17/2017

By gabb_y7

In my dream I was waiting for my sister to come out the shower. She comes out, everything is dark when suddenly we see a black shadow standing in front of the door of our room, I got pretty scared but I start thinking that it was just my imagination because it was dark when we were about to go to bed (still dark) she starts seeing the same thing but this time it was on my bed I climb on my bed that's when something behind me grabs me as I try to get up but couldn't move I was literally seeing myself in the dream trying to move & get up while the black shadow was pulling me back then I wasn't sure but I think I snapped out of it and all i could hear was my heart beating and my whole body sweating excessively it was so scary I'm not sure whether It was a lucid dream or a sleep paralysis