Date: 7/10/2017

By ThePolarDreamer

I don't seem to have a DP in this one, I am just a spectator. The dream begins with a gameshow like obstacle course, it is themed as the forest, and has challenges like animals being mad their forest is being destroyed. I watch as a person on raised platforms gets knocked off by something, and they fall in the water, apparently losing something. Next, I'm at some kind of other amusement, bungee chords used to rappel. The room in which that is is empty, except for a window. People I think I know walk past that window, which is used to see in, and men who seem to be government agents try to bungee and break the glass. The people on the other side of the glass talk about some issue that occurred with this amusement, and an old tv says, "Men such as these CIA members are trained to do this. A tv above the bungee men is playing a pandora-like artist thank you from a program called "Studio". It flashes to two siblings, I think I saw on tv once, and the girl is in the "Studio" amusement room. Some girls just payed a heavy ticket price to see the celebrity of that part, I think the tickets are achieved through "Studio" games. Anyway they leave, and a new celebrity appears on the screen... Justin Bieber... Why?! The cost to see him is 18 tickets and 80 cents (pretty sure it's like one of those games where it accumulates over time and people playing), which the older girl of the two siblings has the material for. She grabs the stuff and follows a sign which I only remember saying something about presenting tickets at the door. The siblings leave the hallway, and the girl drops her change. The boy goes to get it, and I think this is why he's from tv, though it could just be that it's in MY mind, but he looks like he wants to keep it, and the girl seems annoyed, as if this happens often, he hands it to her and there's just a predictability around this whole thing. They ask a worker where to go, and he says the double doors in that hall, and they'll know it's right if they see something he described as a "cute, porcupine thing", though with the picture he showed it looked more like a big-eyed squirrel. They go to the doors, which I think is the obstacle course from earlier due to a bull dozer and wood chipper by the hallway entrance (cause the game seems to be animals getting revenge for destroying their forest as the player does an obstacle course. They go to the door and are about to step in, that's where the predictability comes in again, I think the girl is about to fail, but the brother helps her and she gets to meet the devi- I mean Justin Bieber... who she is a fan of... I am not to say the least. I theorize that she does make it, and that if you fall you have to forfeit the tickets, because right before they entered, my alarm went off.