Shit coming out of his mouth

Date: 5/12/2019

By jaderaid

Was stopping by vet early. Didn't have time to brush hair or anything. Couldn't find vet so left keys in car and walked up and down a couple blocks. Think my car got stolen. Went to Walmart, phone was almost dead and didn't know what to do. Matt called I whispered to him I know I sound crazy but I think I time traveled. He kept saying something mean over and over. I couldn't get phone to hang up. Walked back towards vet to look for car. Walked through park. Passed delaney but kept going. Lots of ppl. Said something like ah no loud enough for him to hear. Weird girl with mustache has sleeve of hoodie touching my hand. Ran into ruth. She walked with me. We ran into a closed in fence area. As turning around Dylan closed us in. Mad and scared ruth and I waited. Then Dylan opened the door and Delaney walked in. I expressed anger to Dylan and he said Delaney paid him off. I yelled at Dylan about the dream I just had about him. Delaney started throwing up, drunk. It looked like shit coming out of his mouth. I loled at him and said something like ya fuck u u puke! Dylan left. Delaney started to walk towards me. I slammed gate between us and pushed my back against it. He reached over it and hugged me with his arm. I broke down in hurt asking him wtf dude. He was just saying like I know. I asked if we can let ruth go. He said he wasn't holding eaither of us. Ruth said something sassy like then why'd u have us trapped in here and left. While leaving she moved a log and many bugs came flying out. I held a blanket infont of me, seeing their shadows. Delaney sat by me, I made space though I wanted to let my wall down. He made peace. I said I know I sound crazy but when did u start dating Annabelle lol. He looked shocked and worried. I assured him I wouldn't fuck with them but did u really start dating her January 28th and hide it from everyone? Don't remember answer. We opened the door and it was light out now. I found a rock in the dirt. First looked like a labradorite but felt fake. Upon inspection it was a hologram design of something. Delaney made a joke comment about wanting it. I bit it, for no reason and a part broke off. I told Delaney how I think my car was stolen and my phone is dead, my moms probably worried sick. We saw a woman cleaning that park bathrooms and chicken hen. I told him she looks like this girl from elementary (Alyssa lemich) he said same. Asked if I needed the restroom before going. I thought about it but then started to say no, I don't need to pee near as much as when I was preg.... he said ya, I heard. So are you? I lifted up my shirt to show him my surgery marks. There were more than usual. He got pretty upset kept saying that's fucked up. I started walking and looked back at him saying was ectopic. Anyways I need to figure out what to do. That's when my mom and a bunch of her family showed up. My mom started getting upset at me saying she was worried sick. I tried to explain. They looked upset and confused at the sight of Delaney. I kept trying to explain my phone being dead ect. We walked and upon a rocky high point I heard a rattler. Looked over to a big, yellow gold and dark brown rattle snake. Scared I walked into a house door right by. All my family followed into the house after, I was scared holding the door for them hearing the rattler. No Delaney. Asked my mom about him. She said he left like good. I sadly said we were just making up and I had just started to forgive him. The owners of the house came in confused. My family filled their house. They were explained to about the rattler and seemed fine. I still felt bummed out.