Kids vs the end of the world

Date: 4/26/2017

By mercury

Okay. Imagine a trailer park but of very small homes instead of rectangular ones. Like homes for dolls but not quite as small. Just dozens of them, compact like a trailer park. For some reason, I'm a little girl and I have one sister two years older/younger than me. Our parents never came back home. We waited, and eventually we looked around the neighborhood. It was a ghost town and looked neglected, but there were other small children wandering about, alone or in twos and threes. Just kinda scattered in view of the long but tightly confined street. There were no adults, and no children over 10/11 years old. We started seeing the sky turn strange colors above us, silvery liquid sky to a sheen of multi colored gel pen ink mixing together, like some kind of science experiment. To the east of us, the park complex was melting in and closing in to where we are. I/an older child ushered in the kids towards the west, where the buildings ran out and the green grass was luscious, like a great field. Think of the photographs of the Alps, but needed to get the lawn mowed as it was a bit of trouble to glide through it in a child's body. The sky was deforming around us, shifting from crystallized blues and purples to a beautiful planet above us, quickly cycling through day and night in schemes of gold and white back to a deep midnight purple and over again. We were a group of kids of about 9-15. Huddled together, trying to balance ourselves as we traversed the field. The grassy field began to take the shape of a water bed underneath us with a layer of earth above it. It pushed us like ocean waves. The end of the world was both scary and beautiful, I woke up with those two mixed feelings when I met consciousness.