Toilet Portal

Date: 8/9/2017

By JadeLightningDash

I was in an apartment. There was a Japanese tv show playing on the tv. I was reading a manga and it mentioned that by mixing together clear glue and some other substance I don't remember, dumping that stuff in a toilet, and flushing yourself, you could create a portal to a strange dimension. I tried it and it worked. I ended up in a very giant building filled with toilets. The place was massive, looking like an extremely big bathroom. It must've been like the gateway between our world and the other dimension. I was stuck for awhile. I needed to find some extra ingredients so I could make a portal to return home. A couple asian men were chasing me, idk why. If there was anything to the dimension outside the giant bathroom building, then I didn't get to see it. I managed to find the necessary ingredients and made a portal back to the real world. I ended up in my family's old house. They were sitting in the living room, silently watching a one second loop of a scene from "Return of the King".