The Voices

Date: 6/17/2017

By jwhite18

Me and my gf was arguig cuz she was crying because i kept putting my feet in her face and ran into her mothers room .im Sleeping in my mother in laws house inside my girlfriends room and i start to doze off All of a sudden it feels like I'm astral projecting and moving through walls. After that its as if something is following me so i move backwards. And then my sight goes back to how it was when i was laying down but i wasnt awake yet i was seeing the room but was still asleep. And then this mysterious shadow hand smacks me awake. As soon as i wake up i hear a voice saying he wont come out the room. And then i almost sleep paralysis but i broke out of it and then i heard a female crying saying he wont come out. So i get up and open the door and no ones there. then i go down stairs to see my girl and she's not crying or upset just chilling on the bed......