seeing Michael the archangel

Date: 3/26/2017

By hailey_miller

so there was a land scape, just a vast area of green grass and a few trees. sky's were blue and the sun was shining. then i turned around and i was watching this one girl.. she had short brown hair and she was in armor. she kind of looked like daelyn. so when i turned around, there was like a square. the square had a whole bunch of big guys in armor and they had horses and they were all fighting except a few. the few were walking towards a big golden thing that was in front of the square. i was almost on a tour and a guy was telling me how this is my world and i was standing outside the square. i saw the girl again and a guy tested her arm up breaking her angel wing and she fell to the ground. i ran to help her bc i was watching her the whole time but i couldn't get to the square. she finally walked out and we were standing by some stairs that were white but the sun light made them look golden. i was randomly sitting with two guys that looked super nice and they were wearing all white and they asked the girl if she was okay. the girl said no and they said there and said " call for us and at one we will be at your side " then i for some reason felt super happy. then my mom ruined it by coming in my room to lecture me. i know this sounds crazy but i was researching right before i fell asleep and came upon this "archangel" named Michael and he's supposed to help us. I guess i like called for him and i was fully awake and didn't have any intentions of falling asleep. then as i laid there, i felt an overwhelming feeling to fall asleep. i kept feeling like someone was going to tell me something through the dream, maybe it being the easiest way for an angel to communicate. but i fell asleep and i think i was looking at myself through another body (the girl i for some reason focused on) .