Date: 2/11/2017

By wanda1316

I have a cousin whose wife is unable to have children. So the family was at my house, and my male cousin was going to give birth to a baby. He was in my sisters bedroom, and I could hear him from outside the door. The dream was very disturbing, because somehow it was my DNA that was in the baby, but we had never had sex. I think I had given a blood sample or something, so technically this baby was mine. It gets even more disturbing. The whole family was in the bathroom, and there was a cup of my cousin's sperm. I don't know why, but the adults made everyone eat some of it, including the young children. In the end we went into the bedroom to see the baby. It was a girl and she was beautiful. They were going to give her a long name after a spots team because she was born during a sports game on television. It was something like "Seridina-Dina-win." I wanted to just call her "Seradina."