I’ve lost sight

Date: 8/27/2019

By timetraveller

It was a beautiful day, I remember it being evening because we had a fire going and we were playing games on the TV downstairs in our new home. The fire was going in the fire pit, the heat was rising and drying our new drywall. We had lots of family and friends over brother Bill, Bethany, all the family, dad, mom, Josh, Noah, I remember walking outside and in the back yard. It was a bigger yard and we had a fire pit with a fire going there too. One of the cousins had a bow and arrow. It was me, my cousin and uncle bill in the back yard. Next thing I knew we heard huge explosions far far away in the distance, almost like war. Big booms like bombs going off. We had no idea what they were so me and uncle bill ran around the front of the home and saw grandpa Bill coming from across the street in his motorized wheel chair. I can remember hearing screeching of car tires in the front almost like crashes earlier and it much quieter except for the bigger booms that kept going off in the far distance, horns were honking with people shouting off in the distance almost seemed like towards where town would be. Uncle Bill started going to grandad bills home across the neighborhood on foot and as I came to the front of the house there were at least 3 or 4 of the family members or friends cars out front with the doors open but everything still intact almost like people just disappeared. At that moment I noticed I did not find hardly anyone. The people that were most important to me were gone. Bethany my dad, my mom, my sisters, it was all sinking in what had just happened... rapture just occurred and I was left behind. I was looking around and saw the emptiness and the fearfulness of being left behind. I started to panic and sob like I needed another chance. I wanted one more chance to tell people about Christ and his coming back. I cried out and asked to go back just a single day so I could tell people but I knew in my heart I had failed and it was too late. I started to cry in my dream and then woke up repeatedly saying... I’ve lost sight... I’ve lost sight... I’ve lost sight. I had lost sight of what was most important in this life. I was reminded to tell people about Gods return to this earth and how sad it will be to be left behind.