Wish of Wings

Date: 3/9/2017

By Corvus

I'm on a dark alley, searching for something. A girl called out to me and said that she knows where I'm supposed to be, she guided me to an old 3 story house. On the first floor, nothing but noise from the 2nd floor. On the second floor, A group of teenagers doing something suspicious. And on the 3rd floor, a nostalgic memory of death and fantasy. After recovering said memory, the guys from the 2nd floor found us and started to hit on the girl, I fought them, she was my girl. We started running away from the house, and she started using her wish. A power that can only be used within this town. I remembered, an ability of mine, that only existed here. By doing an action provided by the wish of wings that guarded and observed this village, I was able to use my wish. To turn back time, to go back to where I was before, and experience them once again. Once again, I was from a few years back. It's morning, and I got back to my house, our mother not wanting to accept the wish of wings fro. the village, has forbidden us to even ask a wish. My wish at these times was to be recognized, by the people around me, hence I was able to do what I want with this geass like wish. (Like not being able to sense or see me, and not being angry when I'm late to school) End of Dream. Vivid