Death by budget cuts

Date: 4/17/2019

By lucyv17

Once upon a time, my friends Clara, Priyanka, and I were walking into our seventh grade teacher’s classroom. When we arrived, we found Mrs. Vandenhooff sitting at her desk with a cup of popsicle sticks in front of her. I could remember how I wrote my name and favorite place, that being Hawaii, on the sticks before they were collected at the start of the school year. Those were the good days. Priyanka and Clara went to their seats, but I stayed behind. Curiously, I asked Mrs. Vandenhooff why she had the popsicle sticks out. She explained to them that there had been some budget cuts lately at the school. "Two of you have to die tonight," she announced to the entire class in the nicest way possible. I was scared, but knew I was usually lucky. I tried not to worry. Unfortunately the class didn't feel the same way. Our teacher explained how she would draw sticks to see who was unlucky. We all crossed our figures, but Clara and Priyanka must not have done it hard enough, because, sure enough, their names were drawn. They were sad, of course, but knew that their time was over. I watched them board the school bus, knowing they would make a big sacrifice. As the bus rolled out, I suddenly realized that dying because of budget cuts made no sense. I turned to ask someone, but they were all gone, too. Had they died too? Was I all alone? This story was based on a true  story. Of course, the story was that it was a dream, but same thing, right? There may or may not be an actual sequel so don't get ur hopes up. There also may be a movie. It will probably cost 60 dollars entry fee, be starring Jennifer Lawrence, and rated R.