19. short dreams

Date: 1/23/2017

By Raul

1. I am on the railroad with some friends. One of them went to take a piss and one of the girls takes his phone and starts reading his dream journal. He is peaking from the corner at us. I told the gerl he can see her. 2. I am at a festival...can't rwmember the second dream. 3. I was with some friends on a forest exploration and we found a abandoned building. It kind of looks like a abandoned school from Agro. 4. I am back in grade school and my grandmothek keeps naging me about something. She is anoying so I tell her to be quiet and pay atention to class. 5. I am at my grandmothers apartment and I run to her neighboor droop aome object in theysr bedroom and run back. I eat some beverage and I get a skull sticker from the beverage. 6. I am in an apartment and go out on the atreet with 2 friends when we open the gate we see zombies around the corner. My friends just casualy walk to the zombies in a hipnosis-like state. I decide to shoot the gate and run back in the building to find shelter. I find some more people and I try to take them with me but zombies apear and aparently they can talk and hipbotise people so I get th fuck out of there. I jump in a airvent and make my way to wherever it takes me. ALARM CLOCK woke me up!