More of the same world

Date: 8/25/2017

By Alwaysstargazing

The dream I woke up from this morning was really weird it was still a continuation from the other JAMES I was having that must've been some bleach or a Game of Thrones starts because there are dragons in my dream this time each spot on the strip or what look like the strap heads of gone going on outside this particular one we are trying to figure out was allowing people to push through products have a very dubious nature. At the very end of the strip or it would be kind of like Columbus's version of selling off from England you know you don't know if you're going to fall off or what but at the very end of the strip we were trying to go on an expedition of sorts from where we were anger and mountainsides climbing over rocks just to find out the people are being bewitch so to speak with and of spells fifth was lessons or what that is very weird. Every time I have the stream there's some kind of flooding where there has been a flood going on for so many people it's disappeared and not there I keep dreaming of buildings that repeat themselves houses room set ups made no sense at all and this world just keeps growing as water in it now deep water at some parts like you're swimming in the ocean it's weird. One part turned in to the inside of a huge again take megastore something you can do Walmart crossed with a JCPenney's or something very odd and three here there was different things going on science experiments weird weather ghost haunting's possessions dragons flying around trying to help your cold spots very dark spots kind a like walk into different sections that IKEA every time you get to new spots you actually don't know what's going to be there when you get there. Still running on little sleep during the night dreams are still constantly weird and keep going back into a repeating battery not the dream itself the locations just keeps getting bigger I'm not sure what's going on with this dream but I really wish I could figure it out