Cousins in Canada

Date: 6/10/2019

By Musicianang

I was with my family in Montreal and we were traveling these curvy side roads to our hotel. As we approached one of the intersections my dad suddenly makes a sharp turn and pulls into the driveway of his cousin’s house. I ask my dad why we pulled into the driveway and he said that his cousins live here. It’s been over 30 years since my dad has been to Montreal so I was surprised that he still remembered the address of the house. The house was a typical Italian house, with red bricks and three steps that led to the front door. It reminded me of my Parino’s house in Elizabeth. We parked on the little driveway that led to two garage doors. After we walked up to the front door and rang the doorbell, we were greeted by an older man, which was Dad’s cousin. He was dressed in a white button down short sleeve shirt with gray jeans. He was showing us around his house on the first floor. What stood out to me the most was the three concrete steps that led to the family room. “This house looks real Italian,” I said to myself. I look towards the family room and his house was packed with people. I saw Zizi Joe and Norina, Parino with Carmelo only, and Nonna B. They were all sitting on a long, black sofa. Except Carmelo, there were all adults at this house and the rest of my cousins didn’t come. I was embracing the atmosphere, feeling beyond amazed that I was in Canada right now. I was happier than ever and I was walking around the house. Parino calls me and told me to sit down, but there was barely enough room on the sofa. He pointed that I sit next to Norina, and Norina, forcingly, moved over so I could sit down. After I sat down, time flew by and we left to go to our hotel. As we got to the hotel, all of a sudden I was in New Jersey again at the Short Hills mall. “How did I end up here?” I thought. I was then shopping for a pair of shorts at CM and was trying on many outfits in the dressing room and something prevented me from leaving the store. My parents and sister were waiting outside and occasionally my mom went in the store and told me to hurry up. After I tried on the shorts and was ready to buy them, I woke up.