Shopping for sales on clothes

Date: 2/11/2017

By Finami

I was very sick in my dream. My parents had passed around the flu to each other within our household. Even with my vaccines, I wasn't able to avoid it. Because of it, I ended up sleeping in and missing two of my classes for the day. I felt much better by sleeping in, but I had felt disappointment about missing very important classes. Since I was already screwed, we decided to go shopping. My mother thought it might make me feel a little better about the accidental skipping if we put our minds toward something else. I specifically remember we went to Macy's. There were a bunch of clothes lined up near the back, as if they wanted to hide them. They were fairly cute and I could find myself wearing them. My Dad showed me the entire outfit was on sale. He was comparing it to clothes nearby, which had a tag of $700 dollars for one shirt. This had taken him off guard and he wasn't sure why that was the case. I saw a few dress up dolls on display and instantly knew why these were so expensive. "Well, these clothes are made for dolls. They aren't meant for people to wear and these are usually limited edition items." (The only reason this tidbit of information was known was because one of my friends was a fanatic over these collectibles.) My Dad had walked away, disturbed by the thought of spending so much money toward clothes meant for dolls and not themselves. We were nearby a sampling table where a piece of cake and vegetables were on display. There were chefs who simply wanted the public to try out their food, to receive a recommendation for their up and coming restaurant. It would be something the mall is considering building, but they wanted to see how others thought of their food before building it. Sitting in a chair, my Dad sat down and tried the cake. He asked if he could have a side of whipped cream before doing so. The attendee refuted, saying he didn't need whipped cream for a rich cake like this. He nodded, taking a bite. He offered some suggestions to add to the flavor, but he was impressed overall. Giving a handshake, we all left the store to go back home. ~Dream End~