lost and scared

Date: 8/15/2019

By lauriemae

I was staying at grandma Smith's for a party. there were a bunch of people there. Paul and Jenn (Bff's) had a tent set up way in the woods. TJ gemkow, from school, was there. mom and dad, and other random people also. saber (my cat) was with us also. we were staying In the back bedroom. I was asking Jen advice and telling her about a fight me and Jason (husband) had over gas money. we heard they were building a store in the woods. it was the same path Paul and Jen were camping on. I went to go see them and ended up in a place with a bunch of people. there were convience stores (a 711) and clothing stores and rides. one store had beds to rent for napping. if you bought an item of clothing, you got a free nap in a bed. there were people using the beds, sleeping and awake. I originally went down the path because saber went that way and I went looking for him, but later that wasn't why I was there. Saber kept getting In fights with other cats. I started to explore. when I first set out I was with TJ. reminiscing about highschool and how we were best friends. (I had a huge crush on him back in the day. but now I didn't and I was with Jason). somehow we got separated. the rides were free, but I was alone, so I just tried a couple. I didn't buy anything. when I was heading back to grandmas, I couldn't find my way back. I finally stopped and asked a vendor. He knew grandmas property and told me to go over the train tracks and then I would be on the right path. I did what he said and ended up by some water, (either a giant lake or the ocean.) I back tracked but was still lost. I saw someone from our party but they were lost also. we got separated. I was by the water and we saw a shark. I was on the shore, but the tide started coming in so we (just strangers) headed away to the new shore. but the tide was too fast and we had to swim for it. there was wood floating from broken docks, so we used a piece to float and paddle to the shore. we got to a dock with a ladder and got out. I got walking back toward town, which was closing down because it was getting dark. I was walking on a dock. Then I was on a boat that started to leave. It was going somewhere far from where I needed to go so I started to really freak out cuz I was lost. Jason woke me up. went back to sleep and started out back at Grandma's. There were 2 girls and a guy creaping by the house so me and Jen went to confront them. they refused to leave so I got into a fight with one girl. ( I won, but she was fine, not hurt) somehow it broke up and a guy with motorcycle gear came over. He said they were actors and were filming and refused to leave. They put up some plywood with some very stinky, sticky clear substance on it. (I assumed it was their set) I went back inside. There was an upstairs where people slept and I had to climb on a chair to get up. also the bathroom had multiple toilets like at a store. The cops got called by the actors and they showed up to question us. I was going to hide at first because I was worried I would get arrested for fighting, but ultimately, I decided to go talk to them. I told them my story and they just left and made the actors leave. Then we were at Grandma's, but it was in England. We had a great view of the city line. We saw what looked like 2 rockets take off, then 2 bigger ones. Then the whole skyline of the city blew up and was in fire, it was extremely scary, but I woke up then.