Getting Kidnapped?

Date: 5/10/2017

By HarleyQuinn

my family and i got kidnapped and the kidnappers we're taunting us and scaring us asking who they should kill first and like my mom was crying hysterically and my dad was like trying not to cry but you could tell he was scared too and i'm pretty sure i was crying too but i couldn't tell and like the kidnapper had a pocket knife and like tried to scare me some more?? and like he cut my arm and like obviously it hurt but like instead of screaming in pain i stared laughing??? and the guy was like "what the fuck" and i started laughing even more like a psycho basically and i started to freak the guy out because he let my parents go and it looked like they were gonna try to help me too but i yelled at them to leave so they did and like basically the kidnappers were like "you don't scare us" and i was like "don't worry, i'll change your mind soon" and like i stood up and then started getting taller?? and the kidnappers were looking up at me and they're were so scared they actually ran away?? but i woke up so idk what i did or what i turned into but i guess i kinda saved the day?