The Secret Lagoon

Date: 1/24/2017

By PoodyKat

I had just discovered a new place to swim that was unlike any place I had ever seen or heard of. People there told me to keep it a secret, as this was the most special place on Earth and if anyone else found out, something really tragic would happen. I'm not even sure how I found out about it, but alas, I did. It was a very large pool that was the most beautiful aqua color I had ever seen. But there was sand and grass on the banks and surrounding parts of it. I stepped into the warm, comforting water. Since I cannot swim, I was hesitant to submerge myself, but a man told me "come on in. You won't drown." So I slipped into the water and discovered that I was buoyant and could easily stay afloat. There seemed to be thousands of jets on the bottom that pushed your body up towards the surface. I wore a long, flowing, sheer white dress (and nothing under it) and as I started to swim,, I realized I had never felt so amazing. So free. And so beautiful. The man who told me to come into the water swam up to me. He gently put his arms around me and we cuddled and swam. He was so handsome and gentle. I didn't want this incredibly sensual dream to ever end... (especially since I rarely ever have a good dream. )....✨ A younger girl around 16 or so was peacefully swimming in the distance. I wondered how she found this place. She looked as happy as I was. She went under water and as I was expecting her to come up any second, she didn't. I told the man we needed to help her. He said no, because nobody ever drowns here. Several other people were swimming in the area, too, but no one paid attention to the girl. Several minutes had passed now and still no sign of her. The man tried to keep me from going to her aid and I couldn't understand why he objected. He then reminded me "NO ONE CAN FIND OUT ABOUT THIS PLACE. EVER." But I had to go help this girl... I floated to where the girl went under. I peered down into the water but it was hard to see anything with the rushing water from the jets. I went under to look but the jets kept pushing me back upwards. I caught a glimpse of her dark hair, which seemed to be at the bottom of the lagoon. I started to panic and kept calling for help but no one came. So I pushed myself down as hard as I could and when I got a better look, I could see that her hair was hung on one of the jets! I tried frantically to free her... to no avail. I could see her eyes were open with panic on her face and she was trying to scream. Finally, I got her hair loose and the jets pushed us both up to the surface. At the surface of the water, several others were surrounding, including the man I had been swimming with. Everyone looked angry and the man said "Why did you do it? What did I tell you? Why?" I was stunned. I quickly turned to look at the girl I had just rescued but what I saw was not what I had expected. It was a decomposed corpse with long, scraggly black hair! I tried to scream but nothing came out. I tried to get out of the water but couldn't move my muscles. I kept struggling and struggling but my speech was only garbled and I felt myself sinking, like in quick sand. ... sinking and sinking... and sinking... And then I woke up, in a sweat, and my head was pounding.