2 dreams

Date: 5/26/2017

By Ace

In the first dream I was captured by Nazis and Adolf Hitler himself punished me for whatever crime I did by cutting the bottom of my feet with a knife and forced me to walk around the track/football field of my high school. Then They threw me into some business building where I somehow managed to get my hands on a light machine gun and I gunned down several Nazis and saved a girl who I don't remember. In my second dream, set in medieval times, I was a knight and along with many of my brothers (and maybe a few sisters, I don't remember) in arms, we boarded two large ships to go on some knightly adventure. When we returned from our journey we discovered that the neighboring romans/greeks had invaded and all but destroyed our home. We attempted to retake our home via a full frontal assault, but we were severely outnumbered and we failed. In order to retake our homeland, we needed to gather three artifacts, the last of which was Excalibur's forge, if we could not find the sword itself, we would forge another.