Past notes, breathing underwater

Date: 6/20/2017

By TheNagual

In the front of class, everyone was working and I decided to leave. I see Marissa in the back, she grabs my attention with sexual cues. I go to look, but she was pointing towards Jon. At the old house in the living room. James was moving out, there were three surfboards that had been removed off the wall. I was a magician of sorts and was play fighting with Nick. There was a room with water inside, I was able to breath the oxygen out of the water. This was such a magnificent feeling. There was a computer I tried to access a program out of to restore something, however it was broken. At this point I was doctor strange. I could move things telepathically as well. We continued fighting, a sharp spear almost got us both. Nick grabbed a saw device and I was not able to fully telepathically move it, lucky I dodge it. The fight moved to the dark outside, it was the old pool and backyard. I conjured up massive water bubbles with my hand and shot them at Nick. We continued to miss each other.