Climbing, Dancing and Porn

Date: 5/30/2019

By gstpsk

I was at school i think and we had to dance and do musical stuff. Rafael wanted his phonefixed and he kept looking up porn. I was standing in line because we had to do some kind of dance. I left the line constantly though to climb up a building with some other people. We were climbing by using the windows but some started to get loose after a while so we couldn’t use them anymore. I almost fell and had to do my dance so we teleported back to school. I had no idea what I needed to do so I just looked carefully at what person in front of me did. My turn. I walked to the rope that was hanging from the ceiling and jumped to grab it. I did a few turns on it and jumped off. Then I had to walk back to the end of the line but I walked like a complete idiot and fell over my legs. First we were in a classroom with pc but it wasn’t really full. I don’t know exactly who were there but Rafael was there. I was on my pc just looking up stuff but for some reason he needed my pc. I guess I walked away. When I came back Rafael was gone and PC seemed untouched. I yhink someone asks me to show him something and click somewhere on the screen and porn starts playing everywhere. I quickly shut it down and walk away. We are now at i think the canteen of my school. I see Rafael sitting there and approach him. I went to sit next to him. He told my his phone was broken. The WiFi just completely stopped working. I asked what phone it was. It was an iPhone 6. He gave it to me and I tried some things. I gave it back to him and told it was probably really broken. He thought that was too bad but he still had another phone this was just his old one. I tell him that its not so bad then.