Don't Quit the Game

Date: 8/12/2017

By emmaoftheleighs

Well it started off in England where I was wearing this fancy uniform and I was walking around a school. I'm not sure why I was there but it looked like a group of boys also in uniform were having some sort of meeting or function. I keep walking around and I eventually find the exit so I walk out. Outside people in uniform are handing out flyers but they're for the boys' function group thing so I don't get any. Luckily, my friend Ian who lives in England was there and recognised me and let me have a flyer. I found my family and we went back home to America I assume. Back in America, its late at night and there's snow on the ground. I'm in my neighbourhood and I'm driving around when I see my friend Grayson putting his cello away in his car. I park to the side and join him. He's wearing a suit and bow tie and I follow him to one of my neighbour's houses. Apparently he's going to a party there. When the neighbour appears to invite him in, I see my friend Sam inside. I tell Grayson to have a good time and that I'll see him later. I decide to text Sam to see if he could invite me in and he does. So I go to the party. At the party they are setting up this game that involves hiding ping pong balls. Everyone is really hype to play this game but I decide to sit out. I go to a room upstairs that looks a lot like my room and look for all the golf balls so I can hide them somewhere else. But then some people come into the room and take the ones I missed. Later, a girl comes into my room and I give her the golf balls. This game has gotten really intense and people are starting fights over it. I talk to the girl about it and after some thinking she decides to call it quits. So she quits the game. This girl starts going on snapchat and taking pictures and such. She uses one filter that makes you look like a bee. All of a sudden, these flies appear on her screen and start landing on her face. Except it's not just of her screen, it's in real life. All these flies start landing on her face and soon she's covered in them. She doesn't even move. She starts to gasp for air but the suffocates and dies. And that's when I wake up.