Date: 1/21/2019

By wahblamy

In this dream I was driven to an Ikea by Hiram Lodge, he was kind of controlling and it felt like he was my boss/father. He was trying to tell me what to do and I felt angry in the truck on the way there. When I got into the store I asked the staff if I could use this space that was just a huge wall with a worn out LOTR poster on it. My plan (or my job/duty) was to make a living room in front of this backdrop and take a picture of it. I rush through the store and I feel so much pressure, there is very little available as I felt like I had to only use specific things or things that were not spoken for - broken or on sale. Staff were telling me what I could and could not use and as I was rushing back to the space to drop items off the entire look of the room wasn't meeting my expectations of myself. Once it was all done I was very unhappy with it. I go into Ikea again, like the story is starting over and this time I have a little bit of help. I still feel like I am rushing rushing rushing and that I'm trying to meet the needs of some non-existent job but I am making headway. The backdrop is not LoTR anymore but just plain white. I manage to round up a blue couch with a white blanket and a gold birdcage or something. I remember there being an animal around but I can't remember what it was. Even though it was coming together more easily than the first time I still felt like it was crazy ugly. Then I am in the broken section again and I find a chair that I really really want/need. My mom is there cheering me on and helping me. I have to kind of argue with another person to get this chair and I finally get it and bring it back to the set stage thing. I take the photo of it that I need for my "job" and I can take a breath. Even though it's finished, I am not happy with it. The end.