another world

Date: 8/12/2017

By rembrandt

I was transported to another world, a different planet. I asked if people knew about earth, they didn't. I was trying to keep a low profile as I think it was not safe for me to be walking around. The people of the planet looked essentially like humans, except they all had an identical marking on their fingernail. At one point I was being pursued, by these kids, I was jumping on top of these shanty houses, I told the kids about earth, and that if they jumped up to the top of the hill of the houses, they'd reach earth, this distracted them, and I escaped. I met someone in my dream, it wasn't a person I knew IRL, everyone in this dream was a stranger to me. Anyway, I met this guy, and we fell in love. There was definitely a sex scene, it's crazy because I haven't had a dream like that for years. It was pretty passionate. Later in the dream we were going to this meeting in the town, something bad had happened, he told me to hide near the dock at the sea, but I followed him to the meeting. We arrived at this grand hall, packed with many people. Some of the townspeople were missing hands, and portions of their arm. I saw their arms disintegrating as if it were sand falling. His arms were still in tact, so were mine. Whoever called this meeting called it for this reason, because there was an imbalance in their community. The setting of this world looked like a Roman/Greek empire. There were many bathhouses, and most building were made of marble with large columns, and domes. There were merchants and vendors selling foods and other goods along the streets. The sea definitely resembled the Mediterranean, and was extremely beautiful. Somewhere later in the dream me and the guy I fell in love with were walking near this dock by the sea, he was very interested in earth, and asked me much of it. He wanted to go. I don't remember when this dream ended, but when I woke up right now I was in the best mood. I mean, extremely happy. If I'm ever able to lucid dream, I hope I can visit this world again.