I've never met you like this before.

Date: 3/8/2017

By kriz

I arrived on the island shortly after feeling from my homeland. Something had chased me out, and I had a feeling it was related to emotions, or some kind of monster. Upon landing on the shore, it took me a very short amount of time to realize how aired this place was, almost like a desert covered in red sand eight the occasional tree and building. People were scattered, and it almost seemed like a personal hell. As I set out, I encountered lost souls and spirits, and suddenly stumbled upon a battle. There was a man, covered in a large cloak, fighting off a couple men, while a small voice continued to scream a name. In fact, it was my name. I watched the man fight for a short amount of time, falling before I could intervene. His body was a sad darkened blotch on the sand. My eyes trailed over the the tree nearby, where a small figure lay tied against the trunk. "Jack", she screamed, her voice dropping to a Cleveland of quiet mourning. I could feel her sadness, for this man seemed like he meant a lot to her. I untied her, and the moment I held this little lady in my palm, a fairy, her eyes grew steely. Yet her voice lingered with past tales of sadness and hope. "Jack, oh Jack it's you." She swallowed, continuing with a different tone, "I've never met you before like this, Jack." I didn't understand. But I did.